Founded in 1998, and chartered in Liberia as "St. Luke School of Medicine (SLSOM)", provides professional doctoral training in allopathic medicine. St. Luke School of Medicine offers a four-year Doctor of Medicine curriculum. SLSOM is a non-sectarian medical school.
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SLSOM will accept, on conditions, qualified new students for its Independent Studies Program. The Independent Studies program is similar to other "attendence not required programs" in the United States, the UK, and the European Union. It only covers the first two formal years of medical school in a Doctor of Medicine program. The student is allowed to cover the required course work at his/her own pace, however the student must complete the required curriculum in less than four years. There is no minimum time, however no student has completed the basic science in less than 2 years.

To qualify for admission to the Independent Studies Program the minimum requirements are a bachelors degree (BSc or BA) and 5 years experience in a medical related field, or a masters or doctorate degree (MSc, MA, or PhD). SLSOM will accept transfer students from other medical schools as well. No exceptions will be made for admission into the Independent Studies Program.

You cannot obtain a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree by Independent Studies alone. Please be aware that after the medical student completes the independent studies curriculum (basic science and research), the medical student must complete another two years of full-time training at an accredited hospital under the tutelage of qualified physician specialists to obtain a Doctor of Medicine degree. Clinical training cannot be done online. Clinical studies must be done in-person at a hospital or clinic only.
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BASIC SCIENCE COMPREHENSIVE EXAMINATION Completion of the basic science requires the completion of approximately 2400 hours of basic science curriculum, and the passing of SLSOM's 3-part Basic Science Comprehensive Examination (BSCE). The BSCE is approximately 480 questions and is given in three four-hour sessions. On successful completion of all three parts of the BSCE, the medical student will receive a Basic Science Completion Certificate (BSCC), and will be entitled to the specific benefits of a BSCC holder.
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Completion of the basic science requires the completion of approximately 2400 hours of basic science curriculum, and the passing of SLSOM's 3-part Basic Science Comprehensive Examination (BSCE). The BSCE is approximately 480 questions and is given in three four-hour sessions. On successful completion of all three parts of the BSCE, the medical student will receive a Basic Science Completion Certificate (BSCC), and will be entitled to the specific benefits of a BSCC holder.
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After the SLSOM medical student receives the BSCC, another 80 weeks of Clinical Rotations at approved Hospitals and Clinics. Completion of the clinical science curriculum requires the conclusion of approximately 3200 hours (80 weeks) of approved clinical clerkships (family medicine, internal medicine, general surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, pathology, pediatrics, and electives) at accredited hospitals and clinics and the passing of SLSOM's 3-part Clinical Science Comprehensive Examination (CSCE). The CSCE is approximately 480 questions and is given in three four-hour sessions.
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SLSOM's 3-part Clinical Science Comprehensive Examination (CSCE). The CSCE is approximately 480 questions and is given in three four-hour sessions. It is considered a qualifying examination. On successful completion of all three parts of the BSCE, the medical student is then eligible to receive a Doctor of Medicine diploma (MD). the awardence of a MD diploma is not automatic because of successful completion of the CSCE. Other criteria for graduation must also be satisfied.
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Graduation with a M.D. diploma requires that the SLSOM medical student has completed 2400 of basic science studies in accordance with SLSOM's curriculum, and the medical student has completed 3200 hours of clinical rotations in accordance with SLSOM's clinical science curriculum. The medical student must have successfully completed SLSOM's BSCE and CSCE series of examinations. Finally, the medical must have completed 100 hours of approved community service. Aside from the above criteria, the medical student must be not have violated any criminal laws and must have not have ethics violations to qualify for the Medical Doctor diploma from SLSOM.
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SLSOM IS OPEN FOR LEARNING SLSOM continues to offer its excellent online professional training programs for the USMLE Step 1 (for foreign medical doctors) and the CGFNS/NCLEX (for foreign nurses) to the non- American trained medical professionals. SLSOM still offers its ONLINE USMLE, and CGFNS/NCLEX Training Courses, which are open for medical students, doctors, or nurses to enroll.

Be assured, the training you will gain from SLSOM's curriculum will be rigorous and the state-of-the-art, medical education excellence.

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With respect to St. Luke School of Medicine, George Gollin, Professor of Physics at the University of Illinois, Urbana, is a lying fraud.

George Gollin completely fabricated a 91-paged document, full of lies, fantasies and confabulations to defame SLSOM, its owners, its students and graduates. Virtually all of his articles he has posted on the Internet are lies and fabrications to which he has no proof or evidence.

Imagine, after posting hundreds of statements against SLSOM, and countless false statements in magazines and other media against SLSOM, he declares "immunity" in civil court. He didn't want to defend his statements in federal court. Gollin's only defense in United States Federal Court was "11th Amendment Immunity" of the United States Constitution. It states "The judicial power of the United States shall not be construed to extend to any suit in law or equity, commenced or prosecuted against one of the United States by citizens of another state, or by citizens or subjects of any foreign state." This is proof enough for any thinking man that Gollin is a liar.

If Gollin's statements had any merit of truth, why didn't he defend it in court?

Because he knew all of his statements about SLSOM were lies and fabrications from the moment he wrote them: none of his statements would stand the scrutiny of a court action. So he, is his cowardly way, hid himself behind the broad shield of the 11th amendment, using the University of Illinois as his shield against a federal lawsuit, like a roach hiding from light behind a wet, damp toilet.

Gollin must believe that he can lie about anyone or any institution because he has immunity in court from prosecution, according to the 11th amendment. How does anyone know is he is telling the truth or lying? He is lying if he won't defend his words. One must wonder how many other educational institutions he and the Oregon Office of Degree Authorization have lied about? How many innocent people he has hurt or destroyed?

George Gollin loves attacking minorities and institutions that help minorities, especially small private institutions like SLSOM. Most recently he tried to get the state of California's Bureau for Private Post Secondary Education to close SLSOM. For your information, the BPPSE has no jurisdiction. SLSOM is a chartered Liberian educational institution. The BPPSE is not a Gollin-Goon, like Oregon's Office of Degree Authorization. California will keep it's independent thinking and love of justice and will not be guided by the racial prejudices of George Gollin.

Do not believe in one moment that the 11th amendment 'immunity' dismissal of SLSOM's US Federal lawsuit against Gollin, the University of Illinois, Alan Contreras and the Oregon Office of Degree Authorization was an overwhelming victory for them.

Look at the rapid decline in the credibility of Gollin during and after the lawsuits. As for Gollin, after trying to make a second career out of defaming SLSOM, when he is brought to court about the truth of his allegations, he backed down. He and the attorneys for the University of Illinois knew he was lying. Similarly, Contreras and the ODA, Gollin stooge, acted as Gollin did by backing down from a showdown on the truth, claiming 11th amendment immunity. It is like a criminal taking the 5th amendment!

If the great states of Illinois and Oregon are going to back down from little St. Luke School of Medicine and Dr. Jerroll Dolphin, who do you think is telling the truth?

It doesn't take a genius to figure who is telling the truth versus who is lying. Liars always hide. Let the legacy of liars be their lies against decency, fairness, and opportunity. The should never be regarded as crusaders for the integrity of education. If their concern was for the integrity of education, why would they lie in the first place? What Gollin, Contreras and the ODA did was to stifle and strangle the progressive advancement, and freedom, of education. There is absolutely no scrutiny of Gollin's ODA list of "diploma mills".

Ignorant or stupid Gollin supporters may not have the reasoning to wonder why SLSOM has won victories in Liberian or Ghanain courts against those governmental agencies that have tried to cancel SLSOM's accreditation? Their is no immunity in those foreign courts. Government agencies in those countries must defend their actions in court.

Why hasn't Gollin succeeded in closing down SLSOM? The answer is simple. Gollin is a lying fraud, not willing to face the scrutiny of a courtroom. SLSOM is armed with the truth.

Gollin will not take SLSOM to court because he knows he will lose. He is a cowardly racist liar. He tried to make a career by defaming SLSOM. Yet, he is too cowardly to take on SLSOM is court. An 11th Amendment liar.

Believe us, there is more court action headed George Gollin's way. LIAR!


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PROTECT US FROM GEORGE GOLLIN Since 2003 or sooner George Gollin has been using his position as Professor of Physics, University of Illinois - Urbana, to shield himself from lawsuits for his phoney campaign against "unaccredited" higher education institutions.

First of all, the United States Appellate Court has already ruled that "Accreditation" is not lawful or enforceable requirement for an educational institution of any kind. Benton vs Oregon, UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE NINTH CIRCUIT, 2005. This ruling has not been challenged. The courts also ruled that the Office of Degree Authorization was a civil rights violator.

Despite this Gollin, has continued to write his "diploma mill list" ("DML"), which has been published on the Oregon Office of Degree Authorization website, and has been accepted as law by the state of Texas and a few other states that are not concerned with fairness or justice.

As the rule of law, fairness, nor justice do not take precedent over Gollin's bias, prejudice, or vindictiveness, he continued writing this list trying to overrule the decision of judges much more experienced in providing opportunity and fair play in a complex social society.

How would new institutions open if there was a requirement for accreditation before they opened? Gollin's DML is ridiculous from that perspective, and furthermore, there is no hearing or court to determine if these institutions are fraudulent before they are placed on Gollin's DML. This is a blatant miscarriage of justice, and itself, a fraudulent procedure.

Gollin has time and time again, selected only private institutions that are open to and permit the disadvantaged and minorities to enroll, seeking advancement in education and opportunities, worldwide. It seems, that he does not believe that minorities or disadvantaged peoples are capable of teaching or learning, and therefore, are only seeking a quick and easy way to succeed.

His prejudice is so blatant. He knew all the time that he could disguise it under the banner of 'crusader for accreditation', and get the taxpayers of the state of Illinois to pay for his legal defense.

He is one of the few employees of the state of Illinois to have ever been sued for libel and slander. The state of Illinois spent hundreds of thousands of dollars defending him and itself over Gollin's false accusations. The end-result was "Immunity" by reason of the 11th amendment.

If Gollin was to be elected into the Congress of the United States, he would begin another McCarthy-like era substituting "accreditation" for "communism", to which the US federal courts have already ruled is not a requirement for operation of colleges and universities. Communism was doomed to failure because it was an unnatural system, which took to much effort (force) to control. When it did not supply its citizens the minimum requirements for existence, when its governments became to cumbersome and unresponsive, it collapsed under its own weight. It is for these reasons that I declare that the people of the United States not be subjected to people like George Gollin as a lawmaker. The people of the United States should be PROTECTED FROM GEORGE GOLLIN.

Thank you George Gollin for Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) deaths in West Africa

George Gollin and Muhammad Sheriff conspired against SLSOM in 2005 to prevent the opening of its Free Town campus in Monrovia, Liberia.

Gollin provided Sheriff with lies about SLSOM operations in the United States and Liberia to scare the Liberian public. Sheriff lied on Liberian radio and in newspaper reports about SLSOM in an effort to embarrass his arch enemy, then Minister of Health, Dr. Frank Coleman, a profession surgeon.

Sheriff lied on Liberian radio about SLSOMís history in Liberia stating that SLSOM had graduated hundreds of Indians (false), from the street (false), who merely, only paid graduation fees to SLSOM for Doctor of Medicine diplomas (false). He stated that these people were applying for licenses in Liberia (false). Sheriff stated that SLSOM had no campus (false) and no equipment (false), and that SLSOM had no professors to teach any students (false). Sheriff was purposely lying to mislead and frighten the Liberian public.

SLSOM has certified statements proving that Sheriff had visited SLSOMís campus in Free Town in February 2005, when Dr. Dolphin was in Ghana bringing more medical books and medical equipment to the Liberian campus.

Sheriff knew that SLSOM had a campus in Free Town, as wells as medical books, equipment, and professors. There was one well qualified India-born American citizen, a SLSOM graduate, applying for licensure in India, who had passed the All-India medical examination. At that time, three SLSOM graduates had passed their medical examinations in Ghana and were completing their house-jobs (internships) in Ghana. Several SLSOM graduates had passed their examinations in Nigeria and the USA. In fact, more than a dozen SLSOM graduates passed medical examinations in the USA and elsewhere. SLSOM graduates had more than 90% pass rate, worldwide.

At the time, SLSOM was planning for 30 students coming from our Nigerian campus to Monrovia. At that time, SLSOM had more than 400 brand new medical books, 15 microscopes (12 of which were 1200x [1200 powered]), 14 computers connected to an active internet connection, 4 electric centrifuges and 6 hand-held centrifuges, hundreds of test tubes, thousands of latex and non-latex hand gloves, blood type test kits, bacterial stains for gram testing and non-gram stains, two portable electric power generators, and more, including 12 sphygmomanometers, 25 stethoscopes, and electrocardiogram (ECG) equipment. SLSOM was one of the few institutions with ECG equipment in Liberia.

SLSOM was also connected to one of the few Liberian electrical generation networks, a diesel 80,000 watt generator, to which SLSOM was actively engaged and using on a daily basis.

SLSOM had fresh water tanks, plumbing, toilets and brown water reservoirs. It was well equipped with electrical sockets and outlets. SLSOM was better equipped than almost all of hospitals in Liberia.

Sheriff, with the help of Gollin, did his very best to despoil the name and reputation of SLSOM, and stop the opening of the SLSOM Free Town campus.

In 2005, he forced with threat, Liberian Ministry of Education officials to send false documents to Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates in Philadelphia, PA.

SLSOM bought more than 2.5 acres of land to build a 32,000 square foot modern campus, not far from Roberts International Airport. Sheriff and his cronies did everything they could to prevent the approval of our plans to build. SLSOM in 2006 won approval to build. However, even when and after SLSOM won its court cases in Liberian Supreme Court and Liberian Civil Court, Sheriff used his influence to gain false judgments to stop SLSOMís progress in Liberia. The question arose, why should SLSOM invest more money in Liberia, when Liberian officials did not respect orders from its own courts to not interfere with SLSOM?

Gollin went even further, when SLSOM was gaining accreditation in Ghana; he sent a false ninety-page document, completely confabulated, to the National Accreditation Board of Ghana, which was full of thousands of lies about SLSOM. The result of which was delaying SLSOMís accreditation to this day.

By now, without the lying of Gollin and Shariff, SLSOM, according to its planning documents, would have graduated about a thousand legitimate medical doctors in West Africa. SLSOM estimates that more than 500 of those medical doctors would be working in modern and well equipped hospitals and clinics in West Africa. This estimated is based on SLSOMís student graduation requirements, which require its graduates on scholarship to work in the country of graduation for two to four years before leaving.

Now, with Ebola spreading in West Africa, according to BBC and CNN broadcasts and other international broadcasts and reports, many Liberian doctors have to confront patients without gloves, masks, or modern diagnostic equipment. Many doctors have died from their empathetic exposure to EVD. How can Gollin or Sheriff live with themselves, knowing they purposely lied about SLSOM, its personnel, its graduates, facilities, capability and equipment in Liberia and Ghana?

Both Gollin and Shariff, when confronted by lawsuit in the USA federal courts by SLSOM, used federal immunity as defenses for their lying about SLSOM. SLSOM invites lawsuit from either of them if any part of this editorial is false.

To George Gollin and Mohammed Sheriff respectively:



I pray that doctors in Liberia and other parts of West Africa are protected when they meet with patients suspected of having EVD. I pray for the families of those doctors who have died as a result of their exposure to EVD. .

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Angel Investors / Private Investors
Angel Investors


SLSOM readily accepts transfer students from other medical schools. Medical students who may have had family difficulties and who cannot complete their basic science curriculum onsite at their previous medical school are welcome to complete their basic science curriculum at SLSOM.

SLSOM students are well known for their comprehensive understanding of medical sciences and are ACLS qualified before they go to do their clinical rotations. Some SLSOM students transfer to other medical schools to complete their clinical science rotations. All transfer students are required to obtain SLSOM's Basic Science Completion Certificate before moving into clinical rotations to assure the medical student's competence in basic sciences. SLSOM's national medical licensing examination pass rate is over 95% worldwide, see SLSOM's Worldwide Pass Rate , below.
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SLSOM offers graduate programs for Master of Science in Nursing (MSN), and Master of Science in Medical Sciences with specialties. Please see SLSOM's Programs menu above for more detail of SLSOM's graduate programs.
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SLSOM offers undergraduate programs for Registered Nurse (RN), a two-year program, and Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) that adds another year-and-a-half to the RN program.
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SLSOM's Pre-Medicine (Bachelor of Science in Pre-Medicine) curriculum includes the Registered Nurse curriculm, i.e., all pre-medicine students must obtain a RN certificate to continue in the Pre-medicine curriculum. The difference between the BSN program and the Pre-Medicine program is the BSN concentrates more in the field of nursing and patient care whereas the Pre-Medicine program focus is in sciences such as anatomy, biochemistry, microbiology, physiology, etc., after the RN curriculum is completed. Please see SLSOM's Programs menu above for more detail of SLSOM's undergraduate programs in Nursing and Pre-Medicine.
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SLSOM's High School (Secondary School) to M.D. program includes either the Pre-Medicine (Bachelor of Science in Pre-Medicine) curriculum or the Registered Nurse curriculm, above. The student in this program must maintain a minimum grade-point-average of 3.0 (B) to automatically qualify for SLSOM's Doctor of Medicine program. The High School to M.D. program is a minimum 6-1/2 years to complete.
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SLSOM only grants scholarships to Liberian citizens. Up to 30 scholarships a year will be granted to Liberians. These scholarships do not include accomodations, graduation fees, or other fees. All students who obtain scholarships will be required to complete their residencies (Housejobs and specialization) in Liberia unless they repay their scholarship. Proof of Liberian citizenship is required.
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SLSOM CONTINUES TO ACCEPT STUDENTS FOR ITS USMLE STEP 1 ONLINE TRAINING PROGRAM. If you can pass SLSOM's training examinations, you will pass the USMLE Step 1.

Medical doctors and medical students who want to study for the USMLE Step 1 may do so online. The USMLE training is presented in modules for each subject, and comes along with rigorous challenge examinations as well as interactive training modules online. USMLE training course can be done in 6-8 weeks, fulltime. However, the trainee sets his/her own pace for up to one year to complete. The cost for the USMLE Step 1 training is $1000 USD. Please contact Dr. Dolphin directly to enroll in the USMLE training courses at info@stluke.edu.
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SLSOM's worldwide pass rate on international medical examinations is well over 80% including the USMLE Steps 1 and 2. Those medical students who chose to complete SLSOM's Independent Studies curriculum have a 100% pass rate on the USMLE examinations. Assure yourself that you will pass the USMLE and enroll in one of SLSOM's programs today.
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E-mail: info@stluke.edu

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St. Luke School of Medicine regrets to inform its students and graduates of the passing of Emmett Morgan, Jr., at the age of 61 years, on August 12, 2011. He worked diligently for SLSOM since 1999. Those of you who knew or spoke with Dr. Morgan know that he was a kind, gentle and fair man of integrity who worked in the interest of the students at all times. He will be sorely missed.

Memorial Services were held on Saturday, August 27, 2011 in Los Angeles, California.

Please visit Honoring Emmett Morgan




(c) 1998 - 2011, St. Luke School of Medicine.